Mars: Ancient life one of three possible explanations for the discovery of carbon on the Red Planet

Carbon discovered in Martian sediments by NASA’s Curiosity rover has three plausible origins — including being a chemical trace of ancient microscopic life. This is the conclusion of Pennsylvania State-led experts, who said the carbon may also have come from cosmic dust or the ultraviolet breakdown of carbon dioxide. The bacterial theory involves methane, produced by … Read more

Tesco staff in Stroud praised for their work over Christmas

Every little helps! Tesco staff are rewarded with a personalised PEN for helping one of the supermarket giant’s stores make £1million in sales over Christmas Staff at a Tesco supermarket in Stroud have been praised for working hard  The store exceeded its pre-Xmas sales target with a turnover of £1 million  Managers at the store … Read more

The Hut Group warns on profit margins as shares slide

The Hut Group warns on profit margins as shares slide but sales reach over £2bn amid shopper demand for beauty products THG saw its share price slide over 7% today, with shares down 75% in a year Profit margins for 2021 now expected to come in lower than previously forecast  Beauty product sales strong – … Read more

How do I cash in Premium Bonds from overseas?

My grandson lives abroad and wants to cash in his Premium Bonds: Does he need to provide an adult signature and have a UK bank account to do so? By Ed Magnus Published: 07:17 GMT, 18 January 2022 | Updated: 07:17 GMT, 18 January 2022 My grandson, 19, was bought £10,000 worth of Premium Bonds … Read more

What happens to the house after a divorce or split?

January is the most likely month for unhappy couples to call it quits and start divorce proceedings, statistics show.  Anyone who has gone through the process will know there are a raft of decisions to be made and paperwork to be sorted, aside from the emotional distress.  This might include how to split up savings … Read more

Woman left outraged after Australia Post worker threw package up her stairs

Is this the laziest postie in Australia? Obnoxious moment delivery man throws young woman’s package onto her balcony instead of climbing two flights of stairs Australia Post customer criticised her postie for ‘disrespecting’ her mail Postie was filmed tossing her parcel up staircase instead of delivering the mail Video was shared on TikTok with some … Read more