Moment brazen bike thief uses ANGLE GRINDER to cut through security lock

Moment brazen bike thief uses ANGLE GRINDER to cut through security lock outside Manchester University Video caught the moment a man uses an angle grinder to free a bicycle  Sparks fly throughout the clip as he works to free the machine in broad daylight  Several passers-by wander passed without making an attempt to stop him  … Read more

Expert says it would be ‘strange’ to add US and Spain to ‘red list’

A travel expert today said adding passengers arriving in Britain from Spain and the US to the UK’s ‘red list’ of countries would be a ‘strange’ move as officials consider the risk of new variants from the two countries. UK health officials will decide this week if those arriving from the two countries should isolate … Read more

Woman dies after explosion destroys house in Greater Manchester

Woman dies after explosion destroys house in Greater Manchester leaving another woman and a child in hospital and five homes evacuated Officers were called to a collapsed home in Ramsbottom, Bury, yesterday  Woman pronounced dead at scene and another woman, child taken to hospital Five properties, in East View in Summerseat, were evacuated as a … Read more

NHS unveils blueprint to tackle Covid vaccine hesitancy among BAME Brits

The NHS has unveiled its ‘blueprint’ to improve coronavirus vaccine uptake among ethnic minority groups.   Local faith and community leaders team up with doctors to host online virtual events where they will answer questions and address concerns people have about the jabs.  They will also distribute leaflets in 20 languages – including Arabic, Punjabi and … Read more

Bears beg tourists for food at Thai zoo declared ‘hell on Earth for animals’

A notorious Thai zoo has sparked concern for the health of its animals after it reopened to visitors following the Covid lockdown. People found bears begging for food in tiny enclosures, emaciated tigers and cattle, crocodiles swimming in filthy water and orangutans desperately reaching out for food behind bars. A vet dispatched by the government … Read more

Former Facebook CEO says tech giant is trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning news

The former CEO of Facebook has accused the social media giant of trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning its news sources.   Facebook blocked Aussies from reading and sharing local news in response to a world-first law to make tech companies pay media outlets for the content they use. From Thursday, when Australians went … Read more

Covid Israel: UK film director on hunger strike against quarantine

London film director who flew to Israel on private plane stages hunger strike to protest being quarantined in £240-a-night hotel at government’s expense Dekel Berenson, 41, said the Israeli government’s Covid response was ‘abysmal’ Israeli-born Berenson travelled from Cyprus where he said he had isolated for 11 months and insisted he should have been allowed … Read more

Moment dog owner plunges into his freezing swimming pool to rescue pet who fell through the ice 

This is the terrifying moment a dog in Texas plunges into a freezing swimming pool after freezing conditions hit southern US states.  The dog’s owner, Dan Holmes of Southlake, Texas, was forced to venture onto the ice to rescue his pet, Christi, an Australian Shepherd dog.  According to the footage, Christi walked onto the frozen … Read more

Aussies post their final words on Facebook as they delete their profiles to protest news ban

The hashtags #DeleteFacebook and #BoycottZuckerberg are trending on Twitter as some Australians delete their profiles to protest the platform’s news ban.  Outraged users are sharing their final Facebook posts and asking friends to send their phone numbers before they delete the platform for good. Facebook has banned Australian news outlets from sharing content, and has … Read more

German prince sues his ‘ungrateful’ son for selling family castle to the government for ONE EURO 

German prince who is a distant cousin of the Queen sues his ‘ungrateful’ son for selling run-down family castle he’d inherited to the government for ONE EURO Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, is suing his son for ‘going behind his back’ He transferred Marienburg and Calenburg estate to his heir in mid-2000s Two years ago, … Read more