Surprising new trend sees mothers think parenting is written in the stars

The final part of her pregnancy was not enjoyable for Inbaal Honigman. The then 36-year-old from West Yorkshire was days overdue, and struggling with both exhaustion and anxiety. But as each day passed, she had another — more unusual — preoccupation. ‘When I first discovered my due date, and knew I was having a Pisces … Read more

Couple turn a £2,500 London double-decker bus into a luxury home

A couple have renovated a £2,500 double decker London bus into a luxury home, and insist they have more space than people they know who live in cramped flats.  Charlie MacVicar, 26, and boyfriend Luke Walker, 27, knew they wanted to live together without paying a large mortgage or rent.  After toying with the idea … Read more

Woman asks if she should let her nine-year-old son spend his pocket money on a £150 Gucci hat

Mother asks if she should let her son, 9, buy £150 Gucci Fedora hat to reward him for saving up his pocket money – but critics warn it’s an ‘utter waste’ and teaches him to be ‘shallow’ Anonymous British woman said her son, nine, has saved up £200 pocket money  She admitted to being torn … Read more

People reveal the fashion items they’re glad didn’t become trends

Now that’s a fashion victim! The VERY dubious clothing and accessories that thankfully never caught on including a bridal dress made of HAIR and denim sliders People from around the world contributed fashion designs to a gallery on Diply One snap shows a woman wearing trousers with mysterious brown stains Another image shows a woman … Read more

How to transform your leather couch in SECONDS with a $49 Bunnings buy

How to transform your leather couch in SECONDS with a $49 Bunnings buy – leaving it looking brand new Mum reveals how she got rid of years of built-up grime from her leather lounge The grimy yellow couch went from being grey and drab to looking like new She used a car buffer and $20 worth … Read more

Young woman who struggled with ‘severe’ cystic acne for years reveals how she cleared her skin

A young Australian woman who battled ‘severe’ cystic acne for five years has revealed how she cleared her skin within six months with the help of three ‘miracle’ products’. Monique swapped out all of the ‘expensive’ skincare she used to rely on, and replaced her moisturisers and serums with three products from the Australian inner … Read more

FEMAIL picks out the best coloured stripes for effortless style this season 

What to wear this weekend: FEMAIL picks out the best coloured stripes for effortless style this season Camilla Ridley-Day shared advice for embracing the coloured stripes trend  British fashion expert says platform trainers will go with anything, any season She shared a selection of retailers currently stocking the latest trend  By Camilla Ridley-day For The … Read more

Are robovacs for suckers? Tanith Cary tries out a selection of the machines

After nearly a year of having my family at home almost 24/7, I’ve never done so much vacuuming in my life. What was once a twice-a-week chore has become a twice-daily grind as I try to stay on top of the crumbs, hair, pet fur and mud left by my two teens, husband, dog and … Read more

Evicted! Nightmare Tenants: Man, 81, spends £15k ejecting squatters

An 81-year-old veteran was forced to spend £15,000 evicting a group of squatters from the plot of land he bought as a nest egg for his retirement.  Ex-army officer Jonathan Price, from Stokes Cross in Bristol, called in eviction lawyer Chris Sharpe to help him remove a group of people living on his property in caravans on Channel … Read more

Unimpressed gorillas, owls and hares pout at wildlife photographers in hilarious gallery

Furry unimpressed! Hilarious snaps show a grumpy gorilla, peeved puppy and a hare with the hump refusing to play ball for photographers Wildlife photographers from around the world captured unimpressed animals  A disgruntled gorilla living at the Bristol Zoo gave a photographer the finger  Meanwhile, hippo in Zambia is harassed by a flock of oxpeckers … Read more