Mother, 31, reveals her rare condition made her dread releasing milk for her babies

A mother has revealed a rare condition known as ‘breastfeeding dysphoria’ caused her to feel intense dread every time she released milk.  Deena Todd, from, Yeovil, Somerset, had overwhelming feelings of homesickness and anxiety which left her in tears every time she breastfed.  It led the 31-year-old to even regret having her daughter, Isla, who … Read more

Mother, 29, suffers a stroke just days after giving birth to her second daughter

A mother has told how she suffered a stroke aged just 29 which doctors fear was triggered by giving birth just two weeks before. Lexy Walton-Godfrey, from Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, claims her stroke felt like a huge magnet was pulling her down. Mrs Walton-Godfrey has now credited her husband, Chris, for saving her life, saying without … Read more

Bedridden butcher, 40, pleads with doctors to amputate his leg weighing 330lbs

A man who has been left bedridden due to his gigantic leg is pleading with doctors to amputate the limb. Muhammad Mushtaq has elephantiasis – caused by a parasitic infection that stops the lymphatic system from draining unwanted fluid and toxins from its tissues. This has caused the 40-year-old’s left leg to swell to ten … Read more

Circus performer is BALD after a rare condition caused her to pull out every strand of hair

A woman who suffers from a rare psychological disorder that caused her to pull out every single hair on her head is set to undergo a £10,000 transplant. Claire Jenna Ory, 24, developed trichotillomania at just ten years old when the stress of starting a new school left her with a bald patch from pulling … Read more

Santander dragged into scandal over alleged film-based tax dodging scheme used by celebs

Santander has become the latest bank to be dragged into a multimillion-pound lawsuit over alleged tax avoidance schemes used by wealthy celebrities. The Spanish bank is to be sued over the Imagine film-financing scheme that was part-funded by Alliance & Leicester, which it acquired at the height of the financial crisis. It is claimed investors … Read more

Nicholas Lyndhurst reveals his sadness at the deaths of so many Only Fools And Horses co-stars

For someone so famous, Nicholas Lyndhurst is remarkably shy. ‘You can hide in plain sight,’ says the co-star of Only Fools And Horses, still instantly recognisable as the hapless plonker Rodney, even after all these years. ‘It can be done. I get the train every day but I’m not bothered by anyone. I wear my … Read more

Couple who put ‘wrong’ name on child benefit form win state pension credits

A London couple have successfully used a loophole in child benefit rules to win state pension credits worth tens of thousands of pounds – a victory that could help many other parents. Christina Fang and Pierre-Jean Noziere made a common error by putting the ‘wrong’ partner’s name down on their child benefit form. But the … Read more

How ex-Saracens players’ investment in a microbrewery gave new purpose after rugby

It’s a dilemma many professional sportsmen and women face after retirement – especially forced retirement – what to do next to earn a crust.   In spite of fierce competition in the industry, two former Saracens rugby players Alistair Hargreaves, 32 and Chris Wyles, 35, created a microbrewery business after identifying a gap in the market … Read more

Go wild with water: Create your own wetland pond habitat and let nature flourish

Go wild with water: Create your own wetland pond habitat and let nature flourish Nigel Colborn shared advice for maintaining a pond with thriving wildlife  British garden expert recommends placing a site in part-shade or sun  He says three main plant types are the key to a healthy, clear-water pond By Nigel Colborn for the … Read more

Mothers who eat diets full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids raise risk of ADHD symptoms in kids

A mother’s diet during pregnancy could influence her child’s risk of developing symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new study suggests. While women are often encouraged to eat foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids – like nuts and soybeans – the study found that increased the risk of their children being inattentive and impulsive … Read more