Three-parent baby born in first ever clinical trial to test the technique

A woman has given birth to a ‘three-parent baby’ in the first ever clinical trial to test the controversial procedure. The 32-year-old Greek woman had four failed IVF attempts before she heard about the trial by Spanish doctors.  The Barcelona-based team used a technique called maternal spindle transfer (MST) to put DNA from one of her … Read more

Train station Seiryu-Miharashi in Japan exists purely so passengers can admire the view

The railway station in Japan that has no entrance or exit – and exists purely so passengers can step off and admire the view The station is called Seiryu-Miharashi and is located on the Nishikigawa Seiryu line in southern Japan  It boasts just one small platform and shelter and is only accessible to passengers passing through … Read more

FDA approves osteoporosis shot that rebuilds bones at the same rate a teenager’s skeleton grows 

A new osteoporosis drug that can re-grow older women’s bones as fast as a teenager’s develop was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday.  An estimated half of women in the US will break a bone due to the devastating bone-loss disease that turns limbs brittle.  They are more at-risk than men … Read more

Man develops kidney failure after taking 12 TIMES the recommended amount of vitamin D

A man developed kidney failure after taking 12 times the recommended amount of vitamin D every day.  The unnamed 54-year-old, from Canada, had been taking the bumper dose drops for two-and-a-half-years after being advised it by a naturopath.  But his health took a turn for the worse when he took a two week holiday and … Read more

Model ‘was left BLIND’ after her battle with Crohn’s disease

A professional model and dancer has today told how it took doctors seven years to diagnose her with Crohn’s disease. Natalie-Amber Freegard, of Swindon, began suffering symptoms of the agonising digestive condition when she was 17. Doctors repeatedly dismissed her stomach pains and extreme weight loss, which saw her plummet to just five stone, as … Read more

The scariest superbug on the CDC’s radar is sweeping the US with hundreds infected

The most worrying ‘superbug’ on the CDC’s radar has infected more than 600 Americans in recent years – and officials say the spread is picking up pace globally.   But hospitals are not obliged to inform patients if they have the infection, which is most commonly contracted in hospitals, according to an alarming new feature by … Read more

World Health Organization pulls its support for controversial ‘planetary health diet’

The World Health Organization has backed out of sponsoring an event promoting a radical diet that drastically cuts back on meat. The UN body planned to support the launch event of the scientific group behind the controversial ‘planetary health diet’, dismissed as ‘nanny-state’ madness. Scientists say its adoption is vital to feed the world’s booming … Read more

Boy, nine, left with a gaping hole in his leg after ‘poisonous spider caused his flesh to decay’

A boy has been left with a gaping hole in his leg after being bitten by a poisonous spider, his mother claims. Bobby Barnett, nine, was taken to his GP and A&E, where it was believed he had simply been bitten by a tiny insect called a gnat. He was sent home with antibiotics, but … Read more

There’s never been a better time to cash in on your home as equity release rates fall

Older homeowners are on track to raid their homes for a record £5 billion of cash this year as lenders launch a raft of top equity release deals. These loans can be a lifeline for pensioners who are property rich but cash poor.  They allow borrowers aged 55-plus to tap into the wealth built up … Read more