Children who grow up near busy streets are twice as likely to struggle to communicate 

Children who live near busy roads are at a higher risk of having developmental delays, a new study finds. Researchers say that kids who live less than one-third of a mile away from high-traffic roads such as interstates and highways were twice as likely to score lower on tests of communication skills in infancy and … Read more

The ‘totally backwards’ woman died at 99 with her organs in the WRONG PLACE

A mother-of-five lived for 99 years with a ‘totally backwards’ body, doctors have revealed. Rose Marie Bentley, from Molalla in northwest Oregon, was discovered to have situs inversus with levocardia. This caused her liver, stomach and pancreas to develop on her right side rather than in their normal more ‘left’ position. Mrs Bentley was oblivious … Read more

Hyacinths could lead to a cure for blindness, scientists say

Hyacinths could lead to a cure for blindness ‘because they contain potent compounds that stop growth of abnormal blood vessels in the eyes’ The unexpected growth of blood vessel cells in the eyes is linked to blindness Tests found homoisoflavonoids can halt the growth of abnormal blood vessels Researchers say they could create synthetic versions … Read more

Teeth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide can damage the tissue underneath

Teeth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide can damage the tissue underneath and make them weaker Researchers studied teeth whitening strips and added to damaging evidence Real teeth were exposed to the bleaching agent and the underlying layer eroded Hydrogen peroxide – also used by dentists – is not tightly regulated, experts say By Vanessa Chalmers … Read more

Stroking GUINEA PIGS helps people recover from catastrophic brain injuries

People who suffer catastrophic brain injuries may recover their social skills quicker by stroking guinea pigs, research suggests. Traumatic brain injuries often affect a patient’s ability to feel empathy and express their emotions. But a study found allowing patients to stroke ‘cute animals’ – such as micro pigs, rabbits and donkeys – during rehabilitation sessions … Read more

Experimental cancer vaccine that teaches the body destroy tumours sends patients into remission

A cancer vaccine that teaches the body to fight tumours has put three lymphoma patients into remission. The vaccine is injected directly into the tumour and teaches the immune system to destroy it, as well as seek other cancerous cells.  Researchers tested it on 11 patients with lymphoma and said some were in full remission … Read more

Mother-of-two, 28, reveals how a hug with her son saved her life after spotting a lump

A mother-of-two has revealed how a hug with her son ended up saving her life after it revealed a cancerous lump on her breast. Emily Makin, from Wigan, lifted her arms to cuddle Harrison, now three, when she spotted a mass at the top of her right breast last summer. Initially thinking it was just … Read more

When Gail Porter found lumps in her breasts she turned to ‘thermography’ instead of the NHS

TV personality Gail Porter, it must be said, has been through more than her fair share of setbacks. At the height of her fame she famously lost all her hair, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and briefly sectioned only a few years later. In 2009 she lost her mum to cancer. One night last … Read more