Awesome footage of whales 8022919 Awesome footage of whales

Incredible footage of whales is captured by scientists who stuck suction cups with cameras onto the mammal’s back to see how they feed in the most remote oceans on Earth Researchers attached cameras to the backs of 30 Antarctic Minke whales  The footage shows scientists how these mysterious creatures feed and respond to different amounts of sea … Read more

Alexei Sayle tells Event how Kung Fu helped his career revival

‘I passed out. I couldn’t walk, I went blind.’ The godfather of alternative comedy is describing the disease that almost ended his career. Five years ago Alexei Sayle collapsed and was rushed to a neurological unit in London. Doctors were initially unsure what was happening, then Sayle’s wife Linda recalled he had been diagnosed with … Read more

Try this Japanese philosophy and give every moment your full attention 

These moments deserve our full attention; they charge the batteries of our soul In our age of complete distraction and our culture of instant gratification – when we often fail to listen, and engage only superficially with our surroundings – each person contains a key that can open the door to attention, harmony with others … Read more

The social media stars who promote dodgy diets, vaping and push drug use as aspirational 

The body is impressive — a tiny waist, ample curves under a sports bra, slim hips. But then ‘influencer’ Georgia Harrison knows how to hook a casual scroller on Instagram and hold their attention. That’s her ‘job’. In her hand she holds a bag of strawberry-flavoured diet aids. ‘Gummies are great helping you loose [sic] … Read more

Singer Engelbert Humperdinck recalls his travel adventures including a scary landing on Concorde

‘When we landed, eight tyres burst and we skidded down the runway’: Singer Engelbert Humperdinck recalls his travel adventures – including a scary landing on Concorde By Richard Webber For The Daily Mail Published: 11:10 GMT, 10 February 2020 | Updated: 11:10 GMT, 10 February 2020 Singer Engelbert Humperdinck, who has recalled his travel adventures  … Read more

Average house price now expected to rise by 3 per cent over next year

Economists bump up house price forecasts but expected gains for the year are still modest at just 3% By Dan Atkinson, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:46 GMT, 15 February 2020 | Updated: 12:21 GMT, 17 February 2020 Economists are bumping up their house price forecasts with the average home now expected to rise by … Read more

Scientists generate electrical current from moisture in the air

How to create electricity out of thin air: Scientists generate electrical current from moisture in the air and say it could soon be used to power smart watches ‘Air Gen’ device consists of a thin film of conductive nanowires made of protein   Fine pores between the nanowires generate a current between two electrodes Air Gen … Read more

Married At First Sight recap: The REAL reason Natasha stormed out at the dinner party

Ten seconds in paradise led to a whole night of hell for Mikey, who triggered a premature evacuation when his lightening fast finish became the joke of the night. Married At First Sight proved it’s willing to go to any lengths to deliver a legendary dinner party on Wednesday, even with a cast that’s about … Read more

NHS documentary shows critically-ill man, 74, rushed in for surgery without saying bye to his family

A hard-hitting NHS documentary showed a critically-ill man with barely ten minutes to live rushed in for surgery without saying goodbye to his family. David, 74, was on the brink of death due to a burst aneurysm in his stomach when he was rushed to The Royal Hospital in Liverpool. The condition, which mainly affects … Read more